At Last a Few New Thoughts

"A new-born child is that rarity in life -- an improvement on our best hopes."

Heard at a memorial service: "She was a person who would stop to smell the roses on her way to smell the roses."

"God answers first the prayers we should have prayed."

"Among life's regrets is all the time wasted being early for everything."

"It is granted to a woman to have the children of her destiny by the man of her choice."

"It is difficult to recall the chance happenings of a lifetime and not see in them a body of work."

"If you're the type of person who won't wait in line for anything, it's important to marry a person who will."

"A major challenge in retirement is what to do when a police officer tells you to go about your business."

A friend's lament: "My dad was a man who, if he chased a butterfly, it would take him to the office."

"If all the moms in the world stopped to smell the roses, who would be out there planting the roses?"

"Ah, the cruelty of life! Chasing a dream, Cousin Mort ran off to the South Pacific to paint, only to discover that everyone had vinyl siding."

~~ Robert Brault