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I thank God in every problem because I see who's standing and fighting with me.

I let go of yesterdays and focus on today for a better tomorrow.

I am fit, healthy, and attractive.

I'm lucky to have a life full of adventures and I believe that I have a bright prospect in the future.

I believe in myself that I will be able to achieve success.

I am controlled by myself in all my thoughts and actions.

Things can never be perfect without me.

I am thankful for all I am blessed with.

It's MY life and I run the show! I decide who stays and who goes!

I am available, open and willing to express my own success.

I look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.

I express my wants and desires fearlessly.

I live the life I imagined and I stay inspired.

I am imaginative and my creativity flows effortlessly.

I go with what I believe in. I believe in God, I trust Him, and I trust myself.

I believe that everything is beautiful in God's way.

Simple things can be the best things when I'm involved.

I focus on my life purpose. I take care in making forward strides.

The world can't change my dreams, but my dreams can always change the world.

I believe that all good things in this life flow in me, through me, and to me.

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