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The winds of optimism push me forward. I am walking step by step to reach all my dreams.

I create positive thoughts to fill my days. I am filled with spirit, optimism, and happiness.

I create positive experiences for myself and all the people I share moments with.

I am beautiful in every way.

I love me too much to be with the wrong person.

I can get whatever I desire.

I'm hoping for something that I'll get, waiting for something that will come to me, and dreaming of something that will happen.

I express my love to it's fullest potential every day!

I change the way I look at things and the things I look at are changing in positive ways.

I spread the blessings I have been given to all people around me. I am a shining star to all who see me.

The past can't be changed, but the future is still in my power. I'm ready to Move Up, more and better than before!

The God I serve is bigger than the problems I encounter. I focus on HIM, and not my struggles!

Today I greet the new day with a smile! I am blessed. The wind blows away my stress.

God puts a new spirit within me everyday.

God grant me a mind free of worry, a heart free of sadness, and a body free of sickness.

I start my new day with a clean heart: free from hatred, no tears, and no fear.

I love my critics, they are a sign of success.

I believe that God will never give me a problem without solution.

My God is bigger than the problems I face.

I believe that every dark night is followed by a light morning.

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